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November 28, 2006



I am telling all you Bama fans....Mike Riley is the coach for you

OSU Beaver

You realize Mike Riley was born and raised in Corvallis right? Also Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Steven Jackson, and Nick Barnett were all recruited by Dennis Erickson. Of those players, only Steven Jackson played under Riley.


Actually, TJ and Barnett were recruited by Riley, but you are right about Chad's johnson.


The post makes a good case, but really, sounds like a prof. that dislikes sports and wants to see Oregon State go back down to mediocrity. I hope the Beavers will compete to retain coach Riley.


Remembering, Riley's head was approaching the chopping block when the Beavs were 2-3, wants to make sure Beaver's fans are thankful we have Riley and not to take him for granted.

For both sides, it may be premature. Coaches are only as good as their last victories, and this one has two more opportunities to make this a memorable season, not just a memorable game (USC).


Alabama may not be a good place - Consider what happened to Mike Price, when he was given that job a few years ago - bad karma ! Hopefully, Riley will stay and let someone else take over at Alabama. In the long run, it will probably be best for him.

J Hoffa

All the big name non-Alabama alumnus coaches have already distanced themselves from this job. Petrino, Spurrier, Leavitt, Saban and so on have all declined.

While I cannot speak to Spurrier, Saban or Leavitt, I can almost guarantee that Petrino is not interested. His situation is even better than Pat Hill's at Fresno State. Job security and personal/family reasons being the main factors in his staying at Louisville.

As for Karma, Riley unlike Price is not likely to frequent strip clubs or go out carousing w/ coeds.

It will all depend on if Riley is willing to be micromanaged to an even greater extent than Bellotti/Moos are/were at Oregon. Football in the SEC is a whole different breed of cat than Pac-10 football and while the Civil War is a big deal here, it lacks the same degree of carry over into society and even more so politics that the Iron Bowl does in Alabama.

The big knock on Riley might be his ability to recruit. UO gives him almost no competition here in Oregon. The Duck v. Trojan game earlier this season was almost a homecoming game for about 50% or Oregon's traveling squad. That would change at Alabama and also w/in all the other states where SEC schools recruit.

It would be great if Riley stayed and there are many reasons for that scenario to likely play out. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes being the Native Son and all that to an even greater degree than Shula ever was.

Mike Hunt

It's doubtful MAL(content) Moore will allow for true consideration of the Ducks coach, as Mr. Moore was the offensive coordinator at Alabama during Mr. Riley's footballin' days at Bama. Mr. Moore sought out Riley as an offensive recruit, Mr. Riley wanted to play defense and did, per coach Bryant's permission.
MAl ain't forgot that and he damn sure ain't forgot about what happened 4 years ago either when Mr. Riley was offered the job.
As an Alabama alumnus, I hate to burst a lot of bubbles out there, but we know the Bear is dead, and has been dead for 2 decades now, so let's drop all of the "the Bear is dead" crap and move on.
Elvis is dead too, but there's still rock n roll to this day (and the bear didn't die on the crapper either). Petrino is the guy, end of story.

Fantasy Football Nerd

Mike Hunt-

Dude, you are sooooo wrong. The Bear is alive in us all.

And Mike Riley will soon be your coach.

Now go back to your wife/sister, she is probably done cleaning the trailer now.


Oregon State has a football team? That's really cool guys. Congratulations, you must be so proud.


Fellas... maybe you guys never heard but the Alabama job was offered to Riley before it was offered to Mike Price, Riley agreed in principle but after consulting his wife he decided not to go to Bama, Alabama athletics director, Mal Moore was on his way to telling teh Alabama players that Mike Riley was going to be there coach when Riley called and turned him down.... evidently Mrs. Riley wears teh pants in that relationship

Ronald E. Patterson

For Pete's sake... just promote Coach Kines to head coach, get a new Offensive cordinator if Rader does not prove himself as a good cordinator. It is that simple! BAMA is a defensive team!!!!!

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